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As pedestrians, we take care to follow the appropriate signs and safely share our thoroughfares with cars, trucks and motorcycles. Walking across a street, in a parking lot, or just around our neighborhoods is something we do often, but unfortunately, a number of pedestrian accidents occur each year that cause serious personal injury or death. Driver distraction, unsafe intersections, and other forms of negligence increase pedestrian risk. The Glassman Law Firm understands that victims of negligence are experiencing a great deal of trauma, and we are ready to fight for justice in your case. If you or a loved one have been injured by the negligence of another in a pedestrian/vehicle accident, call the Glassman Law Firm today for a free consultation. Serving clients in Missouri and Illinois, our firm specializes in pedestrian accidents and will relentlessly pursue compensation for our injured clients.

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If you or a loved one were a pedestrian struck by a vehicle, you need our experienced missouri pedestrian accident attorney fighting for your rights. We have helped numerous clients receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries as a result of pedestrian accidents. When it comes to pedestrian safety, especially child pedestrian safety, you can never be too careful. Contact our office today for a free consultation to discuss your legal needs.

Free consultation with a missouri pedestrian accident attorney. Pedestrian struck by a vehicle? We are highly experienced in pedestrian accidents and will fight for you. For pedestrian safety and child pedestrian safety information, call today.

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